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To continue our years of successful leadership in the locker refurbishing industry, The Locker Man, lnc. has developed a Recessed Handle System that can be used in any style locker. Overnight, old broken lockers are retrofitted with the Handle. It eliminates the old latching system and the costly, time-consuming repairs that go along with it. This product has been designed with zero maintenance in mind.

Why Architects Specify And Schools Nationally Use The Deluxe Recessed Handle System

Architects choose the Deluxe Recessed Handle System because it offers them a variety of options to fit whatever project they are handling. The Deluxe Recessed Handle System is manufactured by an established leader in the locker refurbishing industry who stands behind a quality driven product. The Locker Man, lnc. is positive that architects will be completely satisfied when choosing this exciting new product. By installing the Deluxe Recessed Handle System, old problematic lockers are modernized quickly and easily. Costly, on-going locker repairs are eliminated. Overall appearance of the lockers, and therefore the entire project, are dramatically improved with this clean looking, contemporary style handle. There is a 70-80% savings over the cost of complete locker replacement with years of maintenance-free duty ahead. Locker security is improved while vandalism is reduced because of the tamper-resistant design. The Deluxe Recessed Handle System is available in styles to suit all types of projects and facilities. The Handle comes in durable Lexan or powder-coated finishes. The exclusive, patent protected design of this Handle, is quiet, requires no lubrication, and will not rust or corrode.
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